Thursday, February 3, 2011

Updates, Et Cetera

First, a few FYIs:

--Some of you know that I have a Twitter account & follow me there. Again, as previously mentioned on this blog & elsewhere, please note that it's NOT @musicalmind. This is someone else, & I don't even think they are on, at least not under that particular username. ;) Also, those of you who follow me on Twitter, please note that I'm not on there a whole heck of a lot, so if want to get my attention there, please DM me instead. Thanks!

--If you'd like to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook, you're welcome to leave your contact information in the comments section of this post. If you'd rather not do that, you can also DM me your Facebook profile link in Twitter (that is, if you're already following me there) or click on the "Follow on Twitter" link in's drop-down menu, either from my profile page or on any of my blips. If I know who you are & we are already friends on, chances are good that I'll accept & follow you back. :) Please note, I don't currently accept follow requests from people who I don't already know. On that note, if your Twitter username isn't the same as your username, please let me know in (via a blip reply) that you just sent me a follow request, so that I don't accidentally deny or block your request. ;) My Twitter account is private, so if you select "Follow me on Twitter" via's interface, it only sends a follow request. I still have to accept the request. :)

Next, a few changes of note:

--If you've frequented this blog in the past & have just popped in for another visit, you may've noticed that I've just given this blog a much-needed facelift. It was time. :)

--Also, I've created a Facebook page. If you "like" this page, new blog updates will then show up in your Facebook news stream.

--I'd considered connecting to my Facebook page &/or account, but decided that due to the frequency with which I blip, it was probably better to leave this feature disconnected. ;) The same goes for Twitter; if I want to send a particularly good song there, I'll send a selective blip instead of clogging up the stream with a zillion blip tweets. ;) This information shows up on, which is good enough for me.

That's about it for the updates.

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