Thursday, February 3, 2011

Technical Garbage Resolved: It's OK If You Didn't Notice ;)

For those who care about technical details, please continue reading. All others, please feel free to skip this post. ;)

I just noticed that this blog's posts weren't displaying properly in Feedburner's RSS stream, due to a configuration error. (Only the first four posts were showing up in the feed!) Please note, this issue only affects those who've subscribed to this blog's Feedburner feed, & probably didn't affect those who are following via the Google Followers interface, (which has a its own separate RSS stream), but at any rate, this issue has now been resolved.

Also, due to the above error, none of the original feed streams (including Google Follower's RSS feed) were redirecting to Feedburner's feed, which wasn't my original intent. ;) Of course, due to the correction, now all feeds, regardless of format -- RSS, Atom, etc. -- are now being redirected to Feedburner. :)

Yes, all is well again in this blog's mini-universe. You can now exhale a big sigh of relief. LOL. Since most of you are probably following via the Google Followers widget, you probably wouldn't have noticed any of these changes anyhow, unless you'd also subscribed to the Feedburner feed for some unknown reason. ;)

I did, however, notice something strange with the recently corrected Feedburner feed: All blog posts, save the first four posts (all written in January), are now showing up in the RSS feed with the date "February 2, 2011," which of course is inaccurate. :) Also, the post, "That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles" is showing up as the latest post with today's date, i.e., at the top of the feed, even though it was actually written on February 5, 2011.

I suspect that the former issue was caused by the fact that, due to the recent correction, Feedburner's RSS feed is just now picking up the latest items it couldn't find before, & is now posting them with the date it found the posts instead of the actual dates these items were posted. And with regard to the four initial items, these were probably cached items that were found by Feedburner when it was initially configured. You see, I originally wanted to use the URL,, & had initially tried to burn Feedburner's feed to this address. However, since someone else had already taken that address, I was forced to change the address to; and although I'd changed Feedburner's feed address to match the actual blog address, it looks like I'd forgotten to also change the original feed address on Feedburner's end, which Feedburner needs to redirect the feed. Oops. ;)

If you still have absolutely no idea of what I've been talking about above (maybe you didn't see my initial warning - LOL!), then the only take-away you need to be concerned with is that there was a problem with Feedburner's RSS & it's now been fixed. :)

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