Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feel the Love: Unending Props for You & Me

I love how props get recycled into credits that you can then give away to others. Props are the gift that keeps on giving. ;)

As a rule, I tend to be a very generous propper. There are so many people to give props to, so why hold back? It feels good to give them out. Most of us have accumulated enough props by now that we can afford to be generous.

Are you a generous propper? What's your philosophy on propping others? Do you care if you accidentally prop a song that you didn't mean to prop? Or, are you happy to give them away to people, even if you didn't intend to prop a particular song? ;) Do you ever give props out for songs you know you like but haven't actually clicked on to play? When someone props you, do you then go to their profile & give them reciprocal props? Do you care if you give a zillion props to someone but they don't give as many props back, or could you care less about this? I know I don't give a fig if I prop people but they haven't propped me back. I follow some people who don't follow me back, and vice versa, so I'm not in their stream or they're not in mine. They might prop stuff if I give them a shoutout, but I certainly don't expect to get props from them. If they do, it's an added bonus. :)

One thing that drives me nuts is when people reply with the same song over & over again to get my attention. OK, saw your blip the first time. No need to overdo it. ;) I mean it's OK if they're RB'ing a song back to me because we're having a conversation, but some people can get rather heavy-handed with the repeat replies. Please, for the love of all that is good & holy, stop doing this or I swear I'm going to block you! There's only so much of this that a person can take. It's really a courtesy thing. Stop clogging up other people's streams. It's inconsiderate. We actually want to see new blips, as well as blips from other DJs, from time to time, OK?! ;) Somehow, I think I'm probably not alone in this sentiment. ;)

However, most blippers thankfully behave themselves on this front. And I think most tend to be fairly generous with their props too. Sure, we can all get wrapped up in our blip comas & forget to prop sometimes, but usually this state isn't permanent. ;)

One thing I do wonder about: Do those who "ask for props" by putting 5 zillion names in their replies also remember to give those very same people some props?! I really hope so. After all, if you keep the good vibes going & propagate the props (LOL!), you're sure to be well thought of on Blip. Plus, generosity is like wildfire. Pass it on & watch it flourish in others. Just my two cents.


  1. I share some of your pet peeves!

    I put a lot of names in my blips but am in no way begging for props! I have a lot of listeners - a lot who I consider friends and I want to say hello to as many as I can! I can't do that one at a time...

    I give out as many props as I get. I don't hoard them! I agree - that's the beauty of props - that they become little gifts I can give out.

    I once had a listener say "you don't need anymore props, you've already earned more than enough" and it shocked me because I don't KEEP the things! What's the point? Their only value is in the giving out! :)

    Nice blog!

  2. Yes, I know how you feel & agree with you 100%! You're a nice person & are clearly generous with your props. And, as you can see from your blip responses & props, that blip love is being reciprocated tenfold. Shame on that stingy, so-obviously-jealous person who said that mean-spirited thing to you! There's enough blip love to go around; I guess some people just don't see that. Hoarding credits is not the answer. Blip is not about how many credits or followers you rack up; it's all about generosity and sharing music & conversation with others.

  3. And thank you for the very nice compliment on my blog! I tend to get very philosophical here from time to time, so it's nice to know that others can relate. :) It's really satisfying to connect with like-minded souls both here & on I really do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here & let me know what's on your "musical mind." ;)