Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beauty of Blip.fm

Right now, Blip.fm has been my refuge. There's just so much going on right now in my life, & I'm frankly a little bit overwhelmed by it all. Of course Blip helps to soothe and relax me while I work. (Geez, that makes it sound like I'm an old fart listening to elevator music or Easy 101 FM or something. LOL.) These days, I'm mostly just giving people props & RB'ing songs from others that I love.

I don't know if I need to apologize for this but I know I've been a little quiet there in terms of conversation. There are some really cool people there that I love talking with both on Blip & in other social media spaces. I think part of it is that I'm just feeling so drained right now, due everything happening outside of that space, that I've actually run out of things to say there. And when that happens, I'd rather keep quiet until I have something of use to say or I'm ready to chat again. Maybe you can relate.

Sometimes I feel really verbal there, & other times not so much. I think everyone gets like this, and depending on how verbal or extroverted are they are to begin with, this can vary widely. ;)

Also, there are some people I know are just not going to be verbal there. Maybe they just aren't "talkers." Or maybe don't have anything to say at the moment, either in general or to others. And then, maybe they don't really care about talking with others in general but are just there to listen to the music. ;)  And, then again, perhaps sometimes they're quiet because they are just overwhelmed by the amount of replies they get on a daily basis, and they just can't keep possibly up with it all; so they figure, why bother trying. ;) They are just feeling massively overloaded by the flood of responses, especially the ones with zillions of followers. There's just too much to process. I know this happens to me.

I wish Blip.fm had a way to put replies in two separate categories. One just for conversational replies, and another for people who just want you to give them props. LOL. I don't know how they'd distinguish this. Maybe they could allow the users to put different DJs they are following into certain category "buckets." These categories wouldn't necessarily have to be set in stone. The categorizations could be temporary as people's "relationships" and conversation patterns change with each other. Those who tend to be conversationalists could be put into one category & the people who are just trying to share music with you in another. Yeah, that would work.

The beauty of Blip.fm is that most people seem to accept others' tendencies there. I have people I follow who almost never reply to what I say to them but they'll give me props, unprompted, which of course I appreciate. That's fine. And then there are others who are really friendly & chatty. Some of these people are my top proppers & some just enjoy our conversation. I'm fine with it all. I'm not there to garner attention or rack up props. Sure, it feels great to get them, but lately, I haven't been putting a zillion usernames in my blips because there are times when I just want to blip & don't feel the need to get people's attention. Also, I know that people will see my blips when they are on there, and if they feel like giving me props for those songs, well then, hey, that's great. Also, I realize that other people's reply streams are also flooded as much as mine, and there's a good chance they probably won't even see those replies. ;)

This happens even when I'm chatting with people there. Most of us can't be on there all the time to catch all of the incoming messages, and sometimes I feel badly when I miss those replies. It can really be overwhelming & honestly, sometimes I feel a bit frantic and anxious that I'm missing replies from friends I'd like to give props to or just want to keep up our conversation. Again, this would be another reason to argue for the "categories" idea I mentioned above. I might even mention it to the powers that be that run Blip.fm. What do you think about this idea?

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