Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am A Total Music Geek

I just took the music geek quiz. Have you taken it yet?

Of course the quiz only confirms what I already well know - I am a total music geek. Thankfully, I've not yet crossing the link yet into total musical dorkdom. Thank goodness for that!

Not only am I a total music geek, but so is my squeeze. Scary. I bet he would even score higher than me on this quiz.

Then, there's this website, which lists the top 10 music geek accesories. I won't tell you how many of them we already own, because it's verging on embarrassing.

I noticed there are a few entries focused around CD organizing activities, which both of us are guilty of doing to a frightening degree. Still, I'm happy to report that we haven't actually gone to the length of getting alphabetized dividers for our CDs, because, by this point, we've converted over to almost exclusively using our networked music servers & electronic musical devices like Roku & iPod technologies, etc. So there's obviously no point in using dividers.

However, the fact that we even do the basic activity of "organizing our music collection" in the first place would alone qualify us for the definition of "music geek."

We both do totally insane music organizing things. Things like organizing our humongous CD collection in alphabetical order, with subcategories of classical music & soundtracks falling into in their own separate sections. And then ripping the entire collection to a networked server, & on top of that, scanning each & every barcode of our existing CD collection into our own personal database, & then logging & cataloguing each title. We've still not completed that project yet, because it's such an overwhemingly huge task.

Yes, I know. Totally insane.

Has it been 3 years now since we first started that project? 5 years? I have no idea; we've lost track of how long this project has been in the works. It's obviously not a priority, or we would've had it completed a while ago. Then again, gainful employment can really gets in the way of completing that task quickly. Otherwise, we'd have been done with that project years ago. Yeah, right. Who are we kidding.

Thankfully, we're no longer collecting physical CDs which can take up a hell of a lot of space. As with most people our age, iTunes has been our new best friend for a while now.

Speaking of musical geekiness, I found some sites using the search term "music geek" & came up with some interesting links. Check them out:

--Of course, there's the Urban Dictionary definition. I immediately went through & did a mental checklist:

Music geek - one who;

1) enjoys creating and listening to music. ✓
2) generally lives in a school band room. ✓ (But only from elementary school until university. LOL. Sad but true.)
3) spends multiple hours a day learning to play multiple instruments.
4) believes (American) football was created for pep band and half time. ✓ (American football? Is that a sport?! I thought it was just a lot of grunting & running around. Just kidding.)
5) makes 'percussionist jokes' instead of 'blonde jokes'. (Um, sorry. No, thankfully, I don't make either kind of joke. Jokes of that nature are just plain stupid. ;) )
6) knows what the word 'skosh' means. (Nope, had to look that one up just now.)
7) can legitimately say "this one time at band camp...." (Thankfully, nope. Not THAT nerdy. ;) )

4 out of 7. OK, maybe it's not as bad as I thought. LOL.

--Then there's these sites:
--Top Ten Music Geek Accessories (as mentioned above)
--MusicGeek.org (an independent music-focused site)
--Total Music Geek (blog)

Hope you enjoyed that little journey into musical geekdom. Let it be known, the musical geeks shall inherit the earth.... ;)


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