Friday, February 19, 2010

Musical Musings & Other Thoughts

It just occurred to me that I haven't written much about music here lately. Some of the first few posts were about music & then I seemed to have stopped writing altogether about it. Don't ask me why. I write about whatever comes to mind at the moment, and apparently I've been thinking a lot about writing & philosophical ideas. However, music is always there, whether it's in foreground or the background at any given moment.

And while music is really important to me, I don't feel bound to write exclusively about it here. Just because this blog is called "Of A Musical Mind," doesn't mean that I've got to stick to writing exclusively about music or write about it in the literal sense. There are many other expressions of a "musical mind" that touch upon musical ideas without directly referring to them, per se. For example, the other artistic disciplines -- dance, creative writing, & the visual arts, etc. -- all have a unique interplay with music. I like to think of all of these entities as branches of the same tree.

Furthermore, a musical mind thinks, moves, & perceives the world in musical ways. It's about moving through the world with music in one's soul. When one has a musical being, one's senses are finely attuned to the almost imperceptible aspects that others might overlook. It affects one's outlook & moods in subtle & often profound, nonverbal ways.

People who have immersed themselves in music as a serious course of study (music theory, composition, musical instrument/vocal lessons, etc.) will already have a good understanding of what this can mean. A musical mind is structured differently than those minds that haven't been seriously immersed in music for a lengthy period of time. A musical mind is both a mathematical and artistic entity.

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