Friday, January 29, 2010

Who I Want To Know & Be Known By

I recently discovered & joined the Blip NING, thanks to a fellow Blipper who put the link in their Twitter profile.

I thought I'd copy what I'd written there & put it here, so you can get a better sense of my personal boundary lines & what I'm all about:

Subject: My Privacy Policy - Thank You For Respecting It. :-D

Please note: My twitter ID is NOT @musicalmind. If you follow that person, you won't be following me. :-D Please don't ask me to reveal the ID (or my real name) to you; if I'd like you to know what it is, you'll be the first to know. This is done not to be unfriendly, but as a screening precaution. I am a very private person & only want to be truly known by people I can relate to on a deeper level.

Also, since this NING forced me to list a location, I listed Cambridge, MA, because I am fond of that area. I won't confirm or deny whether or not I actually live there, because I don't want to talk about basic, superficial details like "where I'm from, my favorite color, or my real name." Those things don't truly tell you about what's in a person's mind, heart, or soul.

Here's what I will tell you: All I will say is that I am from the United States, but consider myself a citizen of the world & have been fortunate enough to see a great deal of it. I also speak several languages, am well read, & have seen a heck of a lot of movies. I am a creative & sensitive soul, but also love the science & technology. I am a well-rounded individual and have many interests.

When I do chose to share specific personal details with others, it's because I feel highly connected to them. These are the individuals who have shown themselves to be kind, open-minded, honest, perceptive, and trustworthy. They are the ones who are highly attuned to the nuances & subtleties of life, versus those who stomp through life without taking notice or appreciating the small gifts that life gives us. There is much wonder & beauty in this life, but it takes a truly aware & responsive person to be able to observe & know this, & to both connect with & build upon it. These are the people I want to know further.

Also, life is more than just mundane facts & figures. It is rife with struggles & complexities, but also filled with beauty, humor, & the wonder of discovery, & these should not be glazed over lightly like a blob of whipped cream from a can, casually aerated onto a sundae, with a cherry hastily dropped on top. :) I have an impatience with those who dwell in the petty minutiae & never venture beyond concrete details of one's life. To dwell in ideas & to act from them is a higher state of mind.

To quote Eleanor Roosevelt: "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Chew on that for a while & reconsider where your own thought processes may lead you. Do you want to be small-minded or think beyond yourself & your immediate environs? Which type of person do you want to be? The choice is always up to you.

Peace out,

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