Friday, January 15, 2010

Nevermind the Mainstream.....

Just thought I'd share some interesting (read non-mainstream ;) ) musical resources with you:

Rock's Backpages
The Quietus
Orkus Magazine

And for what's happening on the alternative scene, check out Stereogum. This is probably nothing new to most people who pay attention to the alt.rock scene.

An old favorite of my mine is NME. During my junior or senior year of college (it was too long ago to remember those sorts of details!), someone in my dorm room who had subscribed to NME used to put their read magazines in stacks out in the hallway, which happened to be right outside my door. Oh how lucky that was for me. I wasn't one to spend money on loads of magazine subscriptions, but was quite happily the willing (if obviously unintended) beneficiary of those free, discarded stacks on their way to recycling. In the loose sense of the word, I was recycling them twice, first by reading them after someone else had already read them, & secondly, by taking them to recycling after I'd read them. LOL.

As they say, one's (wo)man's junk is another's treasure. :)

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