Saturday, January 30, 2010

Embracing the Power & Complexity of Words

Like so many others, I write poetry as a way to connect to the realm of emotion & to express a certain side of myself that isn't immediately visible or obvious, that is, without further examination or communication. Often, but not always, this results in a sort of "purging" of the things I keep tucked away in the basement of my mind. This doesn't mean that I can't be happy or joyful, but rather that it's important to release thoughts so that I no longer feel bound to them. Poetry, like much of writing in general, is not just an escape or flight from what haunts us or from the vagaries of our current obsessions; it's a way to free the mind.

J.R.R. Tolkien did this; he gave us a fantasy world that illuminated our deeper realities more fully. It wasn't a flight so much as a statement of what & whom we need to pay attention to & how we come to some very difficult, very real decisions. He didn't dodge the issues; he hit them head on with searing accuracy. He was communicating essential truths & things he felt very deeply inside. That is one of the reasons his works speak to so many of us. If you haven't read his works, I urge you to do so. They will leave you transformed. You can't read him & remain unchanged or unmoved. Even if you aren't a sci-fi/fantasy fan, you might enjoy his writing.

The power of words is undeniable. They carry what I like to call "the energy of our innards" & speak volumes about who we are as people. That is why we have to choose them very carefully.

We send messages through our thoughts, words, & actions all the time, even if we aren't fully conscious of it in the moment. This is why I make an effort to think a great deal before speaking or writing; I want to be certain that I am sending the messages & energies I truly intend others to see.

Do you use words to create more beauty or to be more ever-present in the world? What kind of energy do you want to put out there in the world?

I challenge you to think about the ways in which you use words on a day-to-basis.


  1. Dear MM: First of all, sorry for my bad English; as you say, words are valuable, but in another language they can cause serious misunderstandings.
    The important thing is: your blog is the most interesting I've ever seen. The things you write show how clever and sensitive you are (as what you blip). And NO! There's nothing 'cranky' about your words and thoughts!! Blogs are made for 'catharsis' as you said. You state your thoughts and your feelings in it, and this is marvelous. Being candid, I still didn't have the time to read all your things as they must be read, but I will, be sure of it. And NO ! I was just teasing you with my questions about 'brazilian girls' !! Like a joke!! And I loved your answer, although, as I said, you didn't say that to me, I'm sure. Keep going, dearest; your blog makes people think. I'm a teacher, and I value those who improves thinking. I would send you a big kiss, but I'm not sure if it would be the right thing to do, as you don't want us to know your sex. If you are a woman, it will cause a certain embarrassement I don't want to induce. I'll send you a hug, ok?

  2. Hello Monica,

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I've been extremely busy & haven't had much time lately for correspondence. Please understand that it's nothing personal; I very much enjoy our interactions on Blip & elsewhere. :)

    Just so you know, your English is very good, so no apologies required. I'm not sure my Portuguese could match your English skills, so don't worry about it. :) You're doing a fine job of expressing yourself & I can completely comprehend your meaning.

    Thank you so much for your generous compliments. What you wrote truly makes me feel like we are kindred spirits, as the expression goes.

    Regarding your teasing comments: Yes, I was well aware that you were joking, but thanks for trying to further our mutual understanding of each other. Like you, I have a good sense of humor, but sometimes it can be challenging to know when a person you haven't known for very long is joking or being serious, especially in written form. Sometimes I like to play it safe, because I don't want to hurt people's feelings in case there should be a misunderstanding. As you said, language barriers can cause misunderstandings, but sometimes people can speak the same language as native speakers, & the meanings can still be misunderstood. :) Of course, as people get to know & understand each other better -- the way a person perceives the world & their thought processes, that issue usually fades & is no longer much of a concern.

    If you have a blog, I would love to read it sometime, as it's apparent that you also have a lot to contribute. I can tell that you are a deep thinker, & not just because you are a teacher. :)

    Thanks for your affection gestures. I'm sending you a huge hug right back! :)

    Warm regards,

  3. MM:This may sound a little immature and have nothing to do with nice wnords of the day, but are you a man or a woman?

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